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Find the Essence
of Your Writing


Your writing is important to you, so you write, but sometimes you need help to get started and keep going.


Sometimes, you need someone who will help you discover the beauty that is your voice.  


Sometimes, you need to focus your excitement or catapult  your dream into reality.

Those are the times when you need a coach, someone to focus on you, the writer. 


As a long-time writer, educator, editor, and coach, I can help you find your best path to lively prose in stories, essays, scholarly papers, and more. 


Most importantly, I can help you tell your story in your authentic way. Find out more about what I can offer you by signing up for a free 20-minute clarity call here: 

My First Book of Poetry is Out!


My first collection of poetry, Snapshots of the Wind, is now available. See more here.


Sometimes We need

a Little Help to

Find Our Words

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