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Sitting in front of a blank page can create excitement or dread. Inspiration may come or not, but if your writing is important to you, you write. Sometimes you need help to get started and motivation to continue. Sometimes, you need someone who will help you discover the beauty that is your voice.


That’s where I enter. As your coach, I’ll help you appreciate your creativity and build upon the skills and ideas that you already have. I’ll focus on you, the writer. Together, we’ll explore your motivations for writing – and not writing. After a few sessions, you will look forward to dialoguing with the world.

Whether you write creative nonfiction, scholarly personal narratives, or academic papers, I can help you communicate the essence of your prose with lively language. 

You and I will talk by phone, videoconference, and emails. You’ll gain an increasing understanding of craft through readings, assignments, and manuscript review.

Most importantly, I am here to help you tell your story in your authentic way.


Already have a manuscript and need help getting it finalized? Let me help you with the finishing touches. As your editor, I’ll focus on your manuscript, including refining concepts, revising tone, and copy editing, as needed.

Let’s talk about how I can help you, as a coach or an editor. During our clarity call, we can determine how I can serve you. 


Coaching Services include:

  • An initial assessment of writing goals and abilities

  • 45-minute coaching sessions, followed by notes and resources shared on Google Docs.

  • Sessions may constitute phone calls or videoconferences.

  • We may agree to use some session time to have me read and comment on your writing before or after a session.


Coaching rates:

  • $80 one session

  • 3-session package at $75/session or $225

  • 6-session package at $70/session or $420


For packages: All sessions must be completed within six months of first session.

Editing Services:

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